Abstracts and Full Papers

The workshop topics include but are not limited to the modeling and fabrication of

  • Novel dielectric materials for NIR, Mid-IR, THz device
  • Rare earth - based materials and devices
  • NIR and Mid-IR coherent light sources
  • Supercontinuum generation
  • PBG devices, Metallo-dielectric photonic crystals, plasmonics
  • Microresonators, integrated optics
  • Components and system for biomedicine, interaction of light with biological tissues, optical diagnostic and therapy
  • Microwave photonics applications and Radio-over-fibre transmission
  • Optical 5G
  • Optical antennas
  • THz components and systems
  • Aerospace photonics

An 1-page abstract is required; to submit it, please download the template (D-Photon_Abstract_template.doc) and send the abstract (in pdf format) to the address: segreteria@siof-ottica.it



"Advances on Dielectric Photonic Devices and Systems Beyond Visible"

To publish a Special Issue of the journal Applied Sciences (IF = 1.679), focused on Advances on Dielectric Photonic Devices and Systems Beyond Visible, please contact the Guest Editors Francesco Prudenzano (francesco.prudenzano@poliba.it), Antonella D'Orazio (antonella.dorazio@poliba.it) or Maurizio Ferrari (maurizio.ferrari@ifn.cnr.it) for any additional information.
The final deadline is 31 December 2018.


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